Unlock the Teacher LLC Teacher and Administrator Workshops

Hello Teachers and Administrators,

To all the administrators who invited us in, thank you.  Due to your positive response(s), kind words and sharing with us what you would like to see for next year, we have created the following student workshops for the 2011-2012 school year.  We travel all around the United States and we are in dialogue with a few countries too 🙂 for future proposals.

We  provide our workshops to schools, summer camps, homeschooling, youth and church groups.  Given our focus as a company, we love to work side-by-side with charities for schools and/or communities, donating portions of proceeds to selected charities.

I am thrilled to share that we have two workshops already booked for the end of September, by two schools we have worked with on curriculum alignment this school year.

Unlock the Teacher LLC Workshops for Educators and Administrators

“How to Utilize ePublishing in the ClassroomWriting Workshop for Grades 1-12

This workshop is ideal for educators looking to find creative revenue resources for field trips, adding technology to the classroom etc. As educators, we create and write on a daily basis. Our team will come in and work with educators in your district and/or building to create ideas for eBooks that will be popular within your community and the education arena. We will demonstrate how to utilize teaching experience and current teaching practices as ePublishing tools and ePublish with Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com.

Session Length:          2 Hours

Price:                          $1500.00 per 300 Teachers

“ePublishing as an Educational Revenue Resource” Workshop

In this three-session workshop, educators will be introduced to and participate in:

Session I:         ePublishing –the how and why component

Session II:       Develop an ePublishing Framework

Session III:      Marketing “Nuts and Bolts” ~Maximize Earning Potential

Session Length:          1.5 Hours per Session

Price:                          $1500.00 per 300 Teachers

Please visit our website at www.unlocktheteacher.com for further information and to check out our Common Core State Standards and Curriculum Alignment Workshops.

References can be provided upon request.

We look forward to the 2011-2012 school year.  Trisha, Sue and I wish everyone a fabulous summer!

May we seek knowledge in all things,


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