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Learning and Innovation

7.00 am: Woken by fancy chime and skyscraper illumination on iPad. Switch off and go back to sleep.

7.15 am: Woken by beeping Angry Bird effect and grudgingly get up for school. Head down to breakfast to find Dad has somehow got hold of the iPad and is catching up on ‘that Piers Morgan and Lord Sugar arguing about grammar again’?

7.45 am: Mum waves goodbye as Dad brings iPad charger out ‘just in case the battery runs low’. It is charged overnight but Dad’s laptop is always running out of power. Strangely the iPad hasn’t run out at school yet.

7.55 am: Find seat on bus and use famous ‘inside PE shirt, inside bag’ technique to play Temple Run on iPad. Not allowed to take the iPad out on the bus but no-one has caught me at it.

8.25 am: Arrive at school and remind friends that the ‘iPad…

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