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Reflective Leadership …Words of Wisdom for Industry Leaders

Best leadership statements read on Twitter this morning:
“If you are not read to serve, re-think your role as a leader…”

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” –John C. Maxwell

“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” –Publilius Syrus

“A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together.”

–Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

“Wise leaders generally have wise counselors because it is a takes a wise person themselves to distinguish them.” –Diogenes of Sinope

How much time do we spend reading best practices and reflecting on being a good leader? Are we intentional with our teams, really making sure that they are valued members of the organization? Do we “see” them and “listen” when they speak? Do they know we care?

I believe effective leaders have an innate ability to see problems as opportunities and challenges as growth moments. However, it has been my experience as an educational leader and professional development coach, that sometimes a person may have leadership tendencies, but due to a lack of development or vision, these missed leadership opportunities are manifested in behaviors that can often be viewed as negative or argumentative in the workplace.

I encourage taking time to draft a thought out strategic plan for professional development incorporating reflective practices (Maxine Greene) for not only individual employees but “team” strategic thinking.  Create opportunities for various team members to lead. Exhale and enjoy watching the leadership blossom and come to fruition among those that may not have even seen the leadership potential within themselves.

Good leaders develop leaders, not followers  and create opportunities for many voices to come together to create unified vision and positive synergy for future growth and development among the team and organization.

When we train our eyes and ears to see and hear the good, culture transformation can occur within any organization!

May we continue to seek knowledge in all things-


#SharingtheGood #SpeakLife

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6 Simple Reminders for Effective Leaders in Education


The six simple rules provided by Dr. Ramsey, are simplistic in nature and effective if remembered by educational leaders when looking to develop and implement “in the name of children”. I believe that to be an effective leader in education, we must remember our customer is not only the child but our parents. Parents, who have a voice and could choose any school. Given the many varied school options  available today, what makes your school the best choice for their child? Parents are looking for a collaborator, not a dictator or an organization that isolates and creates feelings of inferiority.

From conducting a needs assessment, drafting a strategic plan or developing a backward designed  curriculum utilizing a Universal Design Learning mindset, we must always keep the child as center focus. Programs that lose sight of the child have failed before implementation has even begun.

As a principal, I know how “busy” and unexpected a school day can be. However, the reasons why there are so many blogs and books that share best practices and strategies for principals and educational leaders alike to get out of their offices and into the classrooms, is because we all at one point or another get stuck behind our desks attending necessary managerial tasks and we need to be reminded that the reason we chose to be a principal in the first place was to be change agents for children and a champion of teachers!

It is so important to remember the “why”! We cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in the tasks at hand but read and research that strategy that will work best for us  to spend that necessary time in the classroom seeing learning in action on the part of both student and teacher.

We cannot discount the importance placed on the positive development and cultivation of a healthy team of faculty and staff. A healthy and effective faculty and staff are crucial in the development of our future, so it is essential that we as educational leaders get up, get moving and motivate, lead and develop our teams.

As second semester begins for many of us around the world, I encourage you in 2017 to seek out new ways to tell your faculty and staff, “good job” or “this needs some attention for the sake of our children and all those placed in our care.”

Be the educational leader you wanted to be when you first said, “YES” to the opportunity.

Seek to be the difference in the lives of the children, parents, faculty and staff placed in your care. When we choose to be  and see the good, it is simply life changing.


By  Robert Ramsey, Ed.D

  • Rule 1:  Listen to parents; their the kid’s first teachers.
  • Rule 2:  If its good for kids, it’s good.
  • Rule 3:  If there’s NO fun, there’s not much lasting learning either.
  • Rule 4:  Kids are more important than teachers.
  • Rule 5:  Teachers are more important than principals.
  • Rule 6:  Principals are ONLY important if they HELP kids and teachers.

May we continue to seek knowledge in all things~


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Remembering the Importance of School Branding…Brainstorming Starters

‪As many administrators, I often find myself early in the morning reading amazing educational tweets on Twitter or articles shared on LinkedIN. 

I have been fortunate to find a selection of educational and business leaders to follow on these sites who share best practices that I can glean insight to enhance my own leadership style or the way to approach my team, stakeholders or a specific situation in education.  

When it comes to marketing, this is one area those of us who work within the non-public school arena could improve on and learn from other industry leaders. 

Below is a good article and great reminder for non-public school administrators by Arnaud Prevot.

‪Brand Personalities of Private Schools‬


May we continue to seek knowledge in all things-


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Technology, Education and Human Resource Recommended Blogs

Last week while sitting in an airport, I grabbed a magazine that featured information on Microsoft’s HoloLens. As an educational leader, I was simply blown away with the future classroom applications that could occur once this product’s engineers have worked out all the kinks and the price driven down to make it an affordable tool to use to enhance learning for learners of all ages, in school and in the workforce.

Below are some good reviews to get one acquainted with the product and provides a glimpse of what it can do and why this product is one to watch for making a change in the way we look at teaching and student learning.

Check out this YouTube Video, that is mind-blowing in educational possibilities for our future with preparing tomorrow’s leaders for any industry. Microsoft HoloLens-Transform your World with Holograms

A Look at Microsoft’s HoloLens by Sean Hollister on

Education and Technology…Blogs to Read to Stay Current and use as a Resource

The 2016 Must Read Education and Technology Blogs by Ed TECH Focus on K-12.

The Top 10 EdTech Blogs by

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning website is very cool and offers a plethora for resources for educational leaders. The site offers blogs to follow and products to use to enhance any learning environment.

Continual Learning Across the Industries

Since we should always be learning new ways to perfect our craft, regardless of industry, this is a great site for professional development and human resource  leaders as well. Learning needs to be engaging for all learners, regardless of their age or level of education. SnackNation, conducted a survey and came up with some out-of-the-box blogs that share ideas on how to make your employees feel validated and engaged in whatever it is you as a manager, leader or employer have to offer.

In an age where after a 30 second sound bite, we lose interest, gleaning some perspective and new ideas from those with whom we want to engage, so they can lead our industries into tomorrow might not be a bad idea.

Human Resource Blogs

The Top 30 HR Blogs for High Performance HR Professionals by

Capella University’s 6 Must Read Blogs for HR Professionals

Great Leadership -A blog for a leader/manager at any level. This blog also shared best practices and tools to use with your team. e.g. Individual Performance Plans etc.

Strategic Human Capital Management A useful resource for an HR manager or leader in any industry.

As I transition from my role as a traditional education leader as a school principal into more of an education leader within the world of human resources,  I will share all the good sites and resources I discover. Life after all, is just one large volume of multiple lessons…

May we continue to seek knowledge in all things~





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A Positive Attitude = Positive Outcomes

The lens in which we CHOOSE to look through is powerful in predicting the outcomes of our efforts! See the good😄
If we focus on the bad or expect the worse, that is usually what we receive. We all have a journey to travel and a purpose for our path…a positive outlook can take an ordinary situation and truly make it extraordinary! If your path is leading to a dead end, make a u-turn and find or make a new road. The goal of this limited time we have on this planet should be to maximize our potential for the greater good of us all. See the good.😄

 May we continue to seek knowledge in all things-


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Never Underestimate the Power of Believing in a Child

As educators, we have been blessed with an awesome responsibility to educate the whole child to become productive citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

As an administrator, one of the blessings of my job is to help my faculty and staff be the best they can be in the lives of those placed in their care.

Simple reminders:

*to greet students at the door and actually “see” them each day

*to remember that as an educator, we are the rational adult called to model behaviors for our students…forgiveness, flexibility, humor, compassion etc.

*it is okay for students to know that mistakes have been made or something is not “known” …demonstrate how to build the muscle of “recovery” and “collaboration”

Never underestimate the power we have in lifting up our students to new heights…if you BELIEVE they will ACHIEVE!


May we continue to seek knowledge in all things~



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Grants, Contests and Educational Resources -FREE for the Classroom or School

The Big List of Educational Grants and Resources

By Edutopia

As we are always looking for resources to enhance our classroom and school programs, Edutopia’s website has a great list of grants, contest, awards and free tool kits. I have seen and worked with and among many schools teams that organize a monthly “grant writing” team. This monthly meeting can be fun, focused and can last 1-2 hours with the benefit of drafting and submitting a grant or entering a contest for your school.

Sometimes all it takes is a little out-of-the-box thinking and effort. As educators, the desire should already be there to do what is best for those children placed in our care. Have some fun and enter some contests and submit a grant or two and be amazed at the generosity that is out there waiting to be used for the betterment of your students, our future!

May we continue to seek knowledge in all things,


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