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Unlock the Teacher Offering Free Anti-Bullying or ePublishing Student Workshop

“There is no work more important than preparing our students to compete and succeed in a global economy,

and it is to the credit of these states that this work is getting down.”

Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education

Unlock the Teacher is offering an unprecedented preview workshop in August and September of 2011 to present the CCSS alignment process for ELA
and Mathematics. This one-hour presentation will explain the process and the benefits of the Alignment Program that Unlock the Teacher has

During this professional development overview, we will:

  • Give a “Basic” overview of CCSS with a breakdown of each of our
  • Show how we will collaborate with all educators throughout the
    year via email
  • Explain the Unlock the Teacher team-based method of alignment
  • Demonstrate the needs and benefits of alignment
  • Preview your current curriculum alignment package

Since Unlock the Teacher is constantly striving to share the knowledge, this CCSS Preview Workshop is being offered at minimal cost. Visit
our website and book before September 1st and receive a special bonus. We will give you a FREE educational training session for your students in either
ePublishing or Anti-Bullying. www.unlocktheteacher.com

We are a  company that was founded to help teachers do what they do best teach! Our unique method allows educators to focus on teaching while our team works with aligning and customizing teacher and building curriculum to the Common Core State Standards. I am a certified educator with over seventeen years in education. I have a BS and MA in Curriculum and Instruction and have worked with many schools on curriculum alignment, get ready for state accreditation and develop funds via grant writing workshops.

Unlock the Teacher this past school year created many student workshops that were very popular with both students and educational staff. Please visit our website for more information and testimonials.

Workshops Synopsis of Unlock the Teacher Workshops (c)2011

Teachers and Educational Staff

Common Core State Standards Workshops:

Cornerstone for Successful Implementation –District Leaders,Principals

Cornerstone for Successful Implementation – Building Leaders

Common Core State Standards “Nuts & Bolts”

Curriculum Alignment Part I

~Collaboration is Key!

Curriculum Alignment Part II

~Presentation and Mini-Group Workshop

How to Utilize ePublishing in the Classroom~ Writing Workshop for Grades 1-12 (Given for Grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-12)

ePublishing as an Educational Revenue Resource Workshop


Teen ePublishing Workshop

Anti-Bullying “Words Hurt” Workshop Session I (Grades K-3)

Anti-Bullying “You Can Make a Difference” Workshop Session II (Grades 4-6)

Anti-Bullying “Words, Action, Character” Workshop Session III Grades 7 & 8

Anti-Bullying “Getting the Big Picture” Workshop Session IV (Grades 9-12)

Join the Conversation~ Together we can make a difference!

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