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Great New Information to Utilize in Classroom from PBS for Educators

In social studies, check out the video on the Grand Canyon. Classified under resources for grades K-2 & 3-5. Learn that natural forces carved out the Grand Canyon over thousands of years. Observe the magnificence of the canyon with Wilson and Ditch as they gaze at it from the skywalk. Teachers can share video or save for a later time.

Middle School Social Studies Teachers…check out the State of the Union Lesson Plans @ http://www.pbs.org/teachers/stateoftheunion/ Educators can also video stream the “State of the Union” video as well.

Note: Whenever this site references educators/teachers, we mean you! We are all teachers and regardless if you have children or not, we are all responsible for our future, which is our children…it is a cyclical process!

If you have a great educational tip, please share. The goal is to spread the knowledge and prosper, not hold the knowledge so that others might fail.

May we seek knowledge in all things,

Denise 🙂

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